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RWT Crosswords

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Download from AppStore’s Crosswords app allows students to play pre-made puzzles. For a list of lessons that use these pre-made puzzles, check out our Interactive page on our website. Included with each puzzle is a For Teachers page with troubleshooting help and ideas for use as well as a Tips & Hints page designed to scaffold students' learning and help them do the research necessary to solve the puzzle.

Crosswords also has a Creation mode so that users can make their own puzzles by entering words and clues. Encourage your students to study their content area vocabulary, practice grammar or parts of speech, or demonstrate what they have learned by creating their own puzzles.

Users have the ability to save drafts of their work so that they can come back to their puzzles later to continue working and refining them. Further, users can save a play-only version of their puzzle to share with family and friends; this .rwtx file can be loaded into the online interactive and then played to completion in the interactive.

Users can send their finished puzzle to their device’s camera roll or email it as a .pdf file to friends and family.

Created with classroom use in mind, this tool allows users to create their own profile to store their work, making device sharing easier for students in classes which do not have 1-to-1 tablet availability.

This app mirrors our popular crossword web-based interactive, so users familiar with one can easily adapt to the other. In fact, the two are so similar that users can send their editable .rwt files to an email address and then open their crossword right in the online tool!