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Drink Keeper

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Introducing Drink Keeper, the best way to keep track of blood alcohol content during a night of drinking. Drink Keeper avoids requiring expensive hardware that needs to be regularly calibrated and reset by using info about your body, your drinks, and a proven algorithm to determine BAC.

Drink Keeper works with Health on iPhones and iPods with iOS 8, to make sure that it is always using the most recent and accurate information about you. Drink Keeper can even send your BAC back to Health so you can see trends and habits over time!

Works with Apple Watch to give you detailed information about your drinking sessions right on your wrist, and to quickly add new drinks, making it the easiest, fastest, and most convenient way to keep track of your drinking.

The 'Add Drinks' Widget is the fastest way to check your BAC from your phone, so you can make the best decision about whether or not to pour another. You can even quickly add drinks right from the widget.

Coming Soon To Drink Keeper

- Hangover Ratings
- Drinking Session History and Comparisons
- Visualize Sessions with Graphs!

And much more...

Try Drink Keeper, and keep up with your drinking sessions today!

---More Info---

Drink Keeper estimates BAC data given three data points. Using your weight, sex, and the number of drinks consumed Drink Keeper will report your estimated BAC. Knowing your sex allows Drink Keeper to estimate your metabolic rate to determine how your BAC changes over time. Sex and weight can be gathered from Health or entered manually, but are required for the app to function correctly. Because metabolic rates differ from person to person this will not be 100% accurate. Drink Keeper should never be used to judge drunkenness against drunk driving limits. Never drink and drive.