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Companion App to control the STACK Box ( which successfully get funded on Kickstarter (

The iPhone home remote. Control stuff in your home – from anywhere.

The STACK Box - A smart home controller that speaks to all your smart devices and stacks all your apps.

Let's Talk About Technology

Today user experience is painful because technology makes things complex. The truth is that all our devices speak in different languages.

This confusion leads to arguments and dissatisfaction adding unnecessary stress. We created the STACK Box so your technology is easy to use and your devices work together, and work with existing internet services or the cloud.

Our STACK Box connects all your smart devices that control your homes lighting, energy, audio, video, security, healthcare and wearable's. Unlike any other product in the market, you can now navigate locally and remotely with your smartphone and, or tablet.

What Makes Us Different

We get lot of questions as to what sets us apart from the rest of the market. Our strength is "Openness", unlike the competition our hardware is expandable. Our main objective is to support all devices in the market, with the aim to have the best user interface on the Planet.

The STACK is the only smart home controller that supports the Apps Store concept and allows 3rd-party Developers to implement their own applications Consumers now have unlimited choice of Apps and can store their Apps in one place.

We also empower small device makers to get their products to work with others and connect to internet, giving more choices to consumers.

Personal Cloud

The STACK Box supports your own Personal Cloud. Your Information is secure and that's important as "what is your's" can remain private. Its like having your own personal Dropbox. You just need to connect the STACK with a USB and SD Card storage device.

Our App

For a secure wireless connection, as our companion App and STACK Box work together to provide a carefree, dependable connection to your home.

Automate Your Home Today

Once our App is installed, you can then create rules even when your away or asleep to automate your home. With new device and App additions every Month.