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Hello Heart – Easy Blood Pressure Monitoring App

iPhone / iPad
  • Health & Fitness
  • Medical
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Can a Blood Pressure Management and Heart Medication Reminder App Make a Difference to Your Health?

Hello Heart makes it easy to track and understand your blood pressure so you can manage your heart risk and improve your condition. Use medication reminders to help you stay on track. Track weight and BMI to help motivate you to do better with your current goals. Get daily, customized insights to help discover what works for you .

=== Who Should Use Hello Heart? ===

• You have a family history of heart disease
• You have been diagnosed with prehypertension or hypertension
• You have more than one heart health risk condition (increased blood pressure, high blood sugar level, excess body fat around the waist, abnormal cholesterol levels, high triglycerides)
• You take blood pressure medication and want to know if it is working or when to change drugs / dosage
• You want to track and quantify how stress, diet and exercise impact your heart health

=== Everything You Need To Manage Your Heart Health ===

√ Blood Pressure tracker compatible with any blood pressure monitor arm or wrist cuff
√ Real-time explanations of what each of your blood pressure reading means and how you are doing
√ Weekly BP report to see trends and fully understand them
√ Daily, personalized heart health insights
√ Weight/BMI tracker to help increase awareness of additional risk factors and track progress to your goals
√ Friendly reminders help you keep track of your BP on your iPhone and Apple Watch
√ Prescription medications reminders and explanations
√ Automatically import your lab results from your clinic
√ Get an easy-to-understand explanation of your blood test labs results for Diabetes and Cholesterol
√ HIPAA compliant so your personal data stays secure

=== App Details ===

▸ BP Tracker
Learn if your blood pressure is too high by tracking it manually or directly from Health (iOS 8/9 only) and see your readings graphed in your Dashboard. Set reminders to help you remember to keep track of your BP level. Get a weekly report of your blood pressure progress and learn what it means.

* Please note: Hello Heart is meant for tracking your blood pressure, but not to measure it. Always use an FDA-approved monitor to accurately measure your blood pressure.

▸ Daily Personalized Insights
Get personal tips and insights tailored to help you understand, manage and improve your condition - everything from how tos, to diet to stress management.

▸ BMI Tracker
Learn if your Weight and Body Mass Index (BMI) is optimal for your size and body type and get simple steps you can take if it's not. Knowing your BMI along with your blood pressure can help you better understand your risk factors so you can get them under control.

▸ Medication and Pill Reminders
If you are on prescription medication for high BP we'll make sure you remember to take them on time with our medication reminders.

▸ Hello Heart for the Apple Watch
Get subtle reminders and add your BP directly on your Apple Watch by simply speaking it to your Watch or typing it in.

▸ Automatically import your info from your clinic
Get full access to your medical info from your clinic or hospital directly in Hello Heart. We are connected to over 60% of the clinics in the U.S. Have all your medical info available to you automatically on your mobile device.

▸ Get your Diabetes and Cholesterol status based on your lab results
Get full explanations of your recent lab work and blood tests to understand the status of your diabetes and cholesterol.

▸ Doctors list
Have all your doctors’ contact details at hand in case of emergency or for care provider visits