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Silent Secret: Free your inner secret

iPhone / iPad
  • Social Networking
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No One Can Judge You or Bully You on Silent Secret. Safe, Secure, SECRET Sharing!

***** Express yourself with text and a selection of background colors.
***** Share your feelings to realtime anonymous peers for instant social interactions.
***** ‘Hug’ to express sympathy and show you care/support.
***** ‘Heart’ to express love.
***** ‘Me2’ to express empathy/mutual feeling.
***** See all the Latest secrets, Trending secrets and the Happy secrets
***** 'my secrets' is pin protected, click this in the menu to see your shared secrets and Hugs, Hearts and Me2's.
***** Zero risk of online bullying.
***** Click ‘get support’ to connect with support organisations should you need to.
***** 100% free

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Silent Secret, the first and safest anonymous secret sharing app for teenagers, on Apple’s iOS (iPhones and iPods).

The app has been designed for teenagers aged 11-19 to free their inner secret. Share secrets, thoughts, feelings, news and your lifestyle anonymously with the Silent Secret app

"Silent Secret is important to young people because nowadays teens are going through a lot of stress, family issues, bullying and other issues. It is as though there is no one to confide in." Favour

“I find many of the posts inspirational, especially since we all understand what others are going through and everyone's entitled to their own opinion yet they have a very friendly, sensible approach to each subject as well. I think silent secret is best in keeping things anonymous, making it so much easier to open up about things whereas on other apps you have to be the person who everyone thinks you are and can't express your inner thoughts properly, if that makes sense? I would most certainly say that they should download the app because it helps to relieve things so much and gets things off your chest. It's lovely to be able to express yourself so easily. I hope the feedback was useful.”

“Hi I just wanted to say a massive thank you to all the team at silent secret, you have all created an amazing app that has helped thousands of people like me. I've been using the app for a few months and it has helped more than any other site out there. The app to me is more of a family where you can post anything anonymously and only get hugs and love no hatred or judgment and that is exactly what we need more of in today's society. Thank You again!! I really love the app and know others do to :)xx”

"From what I know about myself and/or others around me, this app has the potential to save lives - e.g. those who self harm." Catarina

"The app is important to give teenagers confidence and also to make them feel better in general about themselves. Ceri

"Silent Secret is important to young people especially because growing up as teenagers is not easy and we go through many problems, we don't know how to express our feelings to people, so by expressing it anonymously it helps to decrease the stress and we know that it is confidential so it also helps us get through our problems." Eliane

To eliminate the risk of online bullying and make Silent Secret safe, the app does not have the means for users to easily comment on each other’s secrets unless you've obtained a verified user status at the discretion of Silent Secret. If you become verified, this allows you to make comments on other verified users’ secrets. Each comment is ephemeral (‘lasting for a very short time’) and will only be visible once, before it disappears. Users are able to interact using these buttons: ‘heart’ to express love, ‘me2’ to express empathy, and ‘hug’ to express sympathy. A ‘get support’ button appears with each secret, enabling users to connect with support organisations should they need to.

We have more fascinating features that we will be introducing as part of future updates.

Try Silent Secret Today!