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Christmas World - The christmas story app for children (xmas world)

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Takes your child “around the world” for a special view of Celebrations in other Continents and cultures! Select countries, find all hidden animations, and be surprised at how they react! It’s a superb mix of learning and entertainment...

This wonderful new app for children brings the joy and magic of Celebrations to life! Colourful, entertaining, attractive and highly educational!!! Full of toys, music, humor, stories, anecdotes and enchanting legends of different continents!

What is the Cagatio in Barcelona?, How China celebrate New Year? How Morroco celebrate the Achorura? This is a storybook app like no other!

Albert Einstein once said, “ If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be MORE intelligent, read them MORE fairy tales”. That´s the philosophy we employed in creating “Celebrations around the world”. It invites children to travel for a special view of celebrations in other Continents and cultures. Turns out there is more than it meets the eye!

A storybook app unlike all others!


" S'posed to be for kids? I got this for MYSELF and I'm 54 years old!!! I wanna see how other people in other countries celebrate too!! Very cool! Fresh, informative, interesting and fun, this is a great one! Could've put even more info into it, but this is a fantastic start! We need more like this! Quality stuff, and recommended!!- bigrand1

"I loved many things.... i loved the fact that you can play with almost everything, loved that my kid was learning cultural differences, and that we need to respect each other. I also LOOOOVED the music, it is is really amazing and emotional" If i could give 10 stars I would. - A. Romero

-"Me and My child really liked the app. The best thing about it in my opinion is the fact you can play a lot of different musics and you can click almost on everything you see on the screen. The only improvement to make is to let people know you can make it snow. That is absolutelly Amazing, but not everyone discovers it". - Sebastian Reindeers.

-"kids love this! And learn geography at the same time" - Linda W

-"We loved exploring the world to see how Celebrations are in each part of the world. “ - Sharon Turriff

-"My son loves the music and does a little wiggle whilst playing. In New York you can even turn the snow on and off.” -Sharon


-Stunning hand drawn interactive scenes!
- 8 interactive celebrations (America, Germany, Spain, LatinAmerica, China, Morocco, North Pole)
-Experience cultures, legends, music, stories and other historical facts
-Fun for children between 1-6 years old.
-More than 100 vivid and witty hidden animations.


- We wish you (carol). Performed by Youth chamber choir of the Chorakademie Dortmund. CC0 1.0
-O du fröhliche. Performed by Jugend-Kammerchor der Chorakademie Dortmund . CC0 1.0
-O du Glöckchen, kling. Performed by The boys' choir of the Chorakademie Dortmund. CC0 1.0
- The First Noel. Performed by The Other Reindeer Carolers. ©
- Hacia Belen va una Burra. Performed by Coro Tonos Humanos. Directora Cecilia Espinosa. ©
- Tutaina and Campanas . Performed by Grupo CADIVAN. ©
-Tutaina tuturuma. Performed by Grupo Carisma Verde. ©
-Jingle Bells and Deck the Halls . Performed by Kevin MacLeod CC 3.0
-Royal Entrance Fanfare. Randy Dunn . All Rights Reserved
-Oh Tannenbaum . Jeanne und Desiree Noel. All Rights by Roland Simon Lutz .
-Villancicos Murcia. Comunidad Autónoma de Murcia . ©
-Memories of Tibet .Rmhimayathullah. cc-by license.
-MY FM DJ合唱2014新年歌曲. Orangez Kamikaze MY FM DJ. ©
-The Sunken Hum Broadcast. The Sunken Hum Natalia Beylis . cc-©

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