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Harvi-Student is an interactive simulation-based textbook of cardiovascular physiology and hemodynamics intended for beginning students. This free version includes 14 concise chapters in two Parts. Part I covers basics of cardiac muscle physiology and anatomy of the heart. The emphasis of Part II is on the basics of preload, afterload, contractility and lusitropy (i.e., diastolic properties) at a global ventricular level. These topics come together with understanding of "Starling curves" to gain deep appreciation for the determinants of blood pressure and cardiac output. Interactive “Try-it-Now” features and interactive quizzes and tutorials provide a rich learning environment (note: internet access is required to access the quizzes and tutorials). Ideal for medical students, graduate students and advanced undergraduate students. This app also gives a preview of the much more powerful full version of Harvi, also available on the App Store.