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NeoFiler - Ultra-Highly-Functionality File Manager

iPhone / iPad
  • Business
  • Productivity
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**All the Functions can be used for FREE! (Clear the Limits for FREE are check the Help)**
Is a Ultra-Highly-Functionality Text Editing environment equipped with Ultra-Highly-Functionality File Manage app!
Around the File Management screen, can be use the built-in tools (Ultra-Highly-Functionality Text Editor, Paint, Browser(for Internal Files), etc.).

Because it is using a text editing engine of Ultra-Highly-Functionality Text Editor of "Wrix", Text Editor feature provides a comfortable text editing environment.
It is equipped with many useful original features Launcher Panel and Select-mode, Drag & Drop, Undo/Redo (Unlimited Number of Times), Key Macros, and Line Mark.
Paint feature, allows to edit the Image and use it as a Handwritten Memo.

Can be also shoot Photos, and Videos on the camera directly.

There are a variety of tools to the other, it would be to increase the efficiency of your work!
It will be usable as an Ultra-Highly-Functionality Memo app by combining these functions.

+License list is located in the Help.
+Font can be changed. (Text Editor)

[File Management screen]
It is a screen that forms the basis of this app.
Display a list of Files.
In this screen, it provides Highly Functional File Management Functions, such as the following.

+Files/Folders List
+Edit File/Folder (Move, Copy, Delete, Rename, Duplicate, Compression)
+Sort (Name, Size, Creation Date, Modification Date, Type)
+Thumbnail view the File (Image, Movie, PDF)
+Create a Zip File, Unzip (Corresponding Password)
+Sent file to another app or iOS terminal / Mac (iOS8 later)
+Supported the Dropbox.
+Import/Export the File (iOS8 later)
+Display Properties of the File
+Create a new Folder/File (Text, Image, Photo, Movie)
+QR code reading
+File Browsing

If file that built-in app is not supported, then you can view in the QuickLook feature of iOS, or sent to the other apps.

[Text Editing screen]
In this screen, provides with the Ultra-Highly-Functionality text editing features such as the following.

+Multiple Documents
+Undo/Redo (Unlimited Number of Times)
+Select-mode for Easy Text Selection
+Find (Highlighting, Regular Expression, Replace)
+Multiple-File Search
+Key Macro (Automation of Key Operations)
+Drag & Drop
+Launcher Panel (Can call the Function Quickly)
+Key Shortcut
+Line Marks
+Text Insertion (Inserted quickly Fixed Phrases, Line Break, Tab, etc.)
+Launcher Button Panel for moving the Cursor (Cursor movement panel)
+Can be change the Font and Color of the Editing Area
+Line Number
+Can be saved by changing the Encoding, Line break
+Encoding specification, and can be read in the File Auto-Detect
+Conversion function
+Tab indent, Reverse indent
+The special display Tab, Space, Line break
+Can be sent a File and Text to Another Application and Another iOS terminal/Mac
+Import/Export of the Files to the iCloud and the external File Management application (iOS8 later)
+Variety tools (Browser, Dictionary Search, QR code Reading/Generation, etc.)

Paint feature, allows to edit the image or use it as a Handwritten Memo.
It provides image editing functions, such as the following.

+Pen drawing
+Pen size change
+Change Color of the Pen
+Change the background color
+Zoom in, Zoom out
+Draw layer on the image


* Cryptographic Software Notice *
This software includes cryptographic software. The country in which you currently reside may have restrictions on the import, possession, use, and/or re-export to another country, of encryption software. BEFORE using any encryption software, please check your country's lows, regulations and policies concerning the import, possession, or use, and re-export of encryption software, to see if this is permitted. See for more information.

Source code of cryptographic software that is built-in is available to the public as follows: