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Ultimate FreeStyle

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Ultimate FreeStyle™ is an application developed by optometrists that offers a quick and easy solution to choose the progressive lens that best suits each patient's visual needs.

Nowadays, the best progressive lenses on the market are personalized for each user, taking into account a number of parameters that define the actual position of the lens when mounted on the frame. These parameters, such as the pantoscopic angle or the vertex distance are key values to optimize the lens and make the lens offer the best possible quality. Nonetheless, when optimizing a lens according to this philosophy, one does not take into account the individual lifestyle of each patient, a factor that is crucial to ensure greater comfort and better adaptation to the lens.

Ultimate FreeStyle™ offers an innovative solution to determine the progressive lens that best suits the patient's lifestyle, unique to each person. By means of an interactive questionnaire, designed so that it requires minimal oversight by the optometrist, Ultimate FreeStyle™ allows the patient to select activities they carry out in their daily life and that define their particular lifestyle.
Ultimate FreeStyle™ analyzes this information using an advanced system of decision-making. At the end of the process, it chooses from multiple options, which is the lens that provides the best adaptation to the patient.
Therefore, Ultimate FreeStyle™ is not only able to provide a lens optimized according to the frame, but specifically tailored to the individual patient's visual needs.

Ultimate FreeStyle™ has a database where the information related to each patient is collected. This personal information is password protected to ensure full confidentiality.

To use the Ultimate FreeStyle™ application you must enter a customer code that shall be supplied by your ophthalmic lens provider.