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Green Gross Globs Backyard Invasion

iPhone / iPad
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A peaceful, relaxing day in your backyard is suddenly interrupted by small creatures falling from the sky!


Gross globs are coming down like raindrops! Green, blue and red ones! Even more! And faster!

In “Green Gross Globs Backyard Invasion” you’ll have to think fast in order to eliminate the slimy creatures and know which globs are friendly!

How to play “Green Gross Globs Backyard Invasion:”

As the green gross globs appear on your screen tap them once to eliminate them. Do not let them touch your hands or legs as you will lose one of your three “lives” given to you each round.

Do not tap or eliminate the orange, red or blue globs. They are friendly!

As the game progresses, globs will spin; loop; fall faster and appear more often on your screen making your task more challenging!

Use the can of spray or the swatter to eliminate more globs with one tap.

“Green Gross Globs Backyard Invasion” details:

- Fun and simple elimination game.

- Cool graphics.

- Great invasion music.

- Record your scores.

- Additional cans of spray or swatters available for purchase.

- Remove ads option available for an additional cost.

- Endless play.

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Game Inspiration:

While building a different app, we were singing this children's public domain playground song to one another in the office just trying to stay awake. Dating back to the early mid-20th century and sung to the tune of "The Old Gray Mare", there are many variations on lyrics such as the Smithsonian Folkways version and a New York version sung to the tune of "Yankee Doodle." However, this is the Gray Mare variation we remembered singing while marching to the Mills River Elementary School cafeteria circa 5th grade.... In a fabulous mini dress made by my mother and always with a tear hole in the knee of my white tights.

Grimy before greasy....and I instead of me.

"Great green globs of grimy, greasy gopher guts,
Mutilated monkey meat.
Itty bitty birdie feet.
Great green globs of grimy, greasy gopher guts,
And I forgot my spoon."

In "Caddyshack" apparently Bill Murray sings another variation of the first line of the song while chasing gophers on the golf course.