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Task Krumplr

iPhone / iPad
  • Productivity
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Bring all your to-dos together with ease. See your starred Gmails, Asana tasks, Evernote reminders and Quip checklists all in one place. Capture additional to-dos in no time. Keep your email inbox clean by sending email to-dos to Krumplr. Organize everything in lists. Structure lists in sections for clarity. See your Krumplr score increase with every to-do you check-off.

Task Krumplr is simple and powerful. It works on your phone, iPad, and on your desktop at

Key Features:

- Lists - Create as many lists as you need. Order your to-dos in any way that helps you get things done.
- Bring together to-dos from multiple sources - Point Task Krumplr at your Gmail, Evernote, Asana, or Quip account and let it automatically pull in your to-dos. Configure which to-dos you want to see and on which lists.
- Sneak Peek - Tap to-dos that are website addresses, emails, Evernotes, Asana tasks, or Quip documents and view them without ever leaving the app.

- Dividers - Create sections, goals, and milestones on your lists using dividers with custom colors and names.
- Labels - Star to-dos across your lists then organize all starred to-dos in their own list. Choose additional shapes and colors if you need more than a single golden star.

- Quick Entry - Use quick entry to create a new to-do without changing where you are in the app.
- Create to-dos via Email - Create to-dos simply by sending an e-mail to your personal Krumplr email address.
- List templates - Turn any text into a list template with just a little mark-up. Use the template to quickly create the same list multiple times.
- Sharing extension - Use the Task Krumplr sharing extension to quickly create to-dos from Safari and the thousands of other apps that support sharing extensions.

- Dark and light themes - Use the dark or light theme and adjust font-sizes for best personal readability.