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AFIB Checkup

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Afib Checkup, an efficient point of care app for Atrial Fibrillation, allows medical professionals to quickly and accurately assess stroke risk, bleed risk, anticoagulant therapy, comorbidities and enhance the overall patient experience.

This free app for iPad is intended for medical professionals includes access to:

- Stroke and Bleed Risk Assessment - CHAD’s-VASc and HAS-BLED calculations are built in allowing for an efficient assessment of a patient’s risk.

- Evaluate Therapy - Visually compare anticoagulants through a table or graph format to determine lowest combined stroke and bleed risk.

- Patient History - Track previous risk assessments, add patient notes and email to another medical provider.

- Patient Engagement - Discussion view provides a visual format to enhance patient dialogue and education on atrial fibrillation and available therapy options. Patient discussion views can be emailed directly to patients or printed for quality measure attainment.

- Health Data Security - Pin code access, unique patient identifiers and secure servers are in place to provide data security.

Contact us at any time for your organization to gain access to:

- EMR Integration - Notes and patient data are automatically saved to your EMR increasing efficiency and communication and preventing duplication.

- Customized Care Pathways and Clinical Protocols - Customize the app for your health system or practice through the addition of care pathways and clinical protocols.

- Treatment Guidelines - Automatically updating treatment guidelines ensure you are always up to date on the latest recommended guidelines.

This product isn't intended to diagnose or recommend treatment for any disease.