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" is not a rehearsal, seize the day..."

So, one day you realize that you keep feeling depressed, or stressed, and even angry, but you do not think that anything specific is wrong and you will feel better soon. But nothing seems to get better, and things may have even got worse, and now other people are commenting on how you are behaving. You feel that you should talk to someone, but you do not have the time and feel stupid about having to talk to someone about the way you feel. However, if you do not things may escalate, but if you do then it may turn out that there is something going on which can be easily dealt with.

Many people do not seek help because they do not believe they have a problem, so they carry on as normal. It may prove that there is no problem and that the issue goes as quickly as it arrived, but if there is a problem it may escalate further. If only help was sought out sooner. If only a person could contact someone who could help without having a long wait for an appointment, without being tied down to times and dates, or without having the feeling of embarrassment due to thinking that it might be a waist of time. Well you can, contact us. You do not even have to meet face-to-face, or talk to us on the phone, you can simply email or even text us.

If you have issues, feelings, and emotions which are affecting your daily life then contact us, even if it is only for information.

Our counselling is FREE and CONFIDENTIAL.

Work with us to develop your own skills to increase your self-confidence, and take back control of the way you feel about your life, and those around you.

You can only gain by contacting us today.