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The Taxame app is a mobile taxonomic database platform that makes taxonomic databases and data available on iOS devices. The taxonomic data used in this app are available as open data (ITIS database published on and the GERMAN SL database published on

The ITIS Database published on 30-Apr-2015 comprises the taxa "Archaea" with >300 Species, "Bacteria" with >9900 Species, "Chromista" with >4400 Species, "Fungi" with >2600 Species, "Plantae" with >45000 Species, "Protozoa" with >2200 Species all at the rank of "Kingdom" (EN) and "Bilateria" with >313000 Species and "Radiata" with >6500 Species both at the rank of "Subkingdom".

The GERMAN SL Database, published on 1-July-2013, comprises about 13000 taxonomic names and thousands of common names.

You can browse more than half a million of scientific names, >100000 latin synonyms and >120000 common names in English, French and German language. Besides the offline searching and browsing capabilities, you can create or import new user data (links and images) and attach it to a taxon. You can also create collections of taxa. An individual taxon or a selection of your data, or collections can be shared with others. A special Taxame document file format ".txz" is used to share data between Taxame users. In order to add new user data from an external source, you can import a list of links or bookmarks as a JSON file or import images as JPG files using the iTunes document file sharing capability.

Details on the JPG file naming requirements as well as the JSON data model and format are provided in a manual that is included in the app. Some links to online resources with samples of JSON files and JPG images files can also be found there.

The app has an English user interface. For more information about common names for Taxa in other languages, please visit the web sites where the taxonomic data is published.

All photos (plants, animals, ...) shown in the screenshots are available for downloading from, they are free for use with this app.