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How much air-time do women and men take in your meetings and favourite TV-shows? Use GenderTimer Pro to find out!

GenderTimer Pro promotes gender awareness in social groups and workplaces. Gender Timer Pro shows you clearly who is talking the most, men or women and helps you see and discuss normative gender patterns. Just seeing the numbers helps people self-regulate, and improve. How much air-time do women and men take in your meetings and conversations? Use GenderTimer Pro to find out!

Use the side bar menu to login, watch results or start a new timer session.
Currently, you can only login to GenderTimer Pro with Facebook. You can still use GenderTimer Pro but won’t be able to save the result.

Tap a gender symbol to start the timer – the outer circle.

Tap the other gender symbol to switch to timing the other gender.

Tap the active symbol once to pause.

Tap the active symbol twice to register that another speaker of the same sex started speaking.

Use the + and – signs to state how many women and men that attend the meeting or talk in the movie. If it’s a lecture or panel discussion, you may want to only count the people on stage. If it’s a movie or TV-series, we find it easiest to only count who’s talking, and not just appearing in the movie.

When someone’s talking a bit longer, you can take the chance to enter the name of the meeting or movie.

When the meeting or movie is finished, press Done.

After that you see the GenderTimer Pro result along with the statistics. There you can choose to save the result in a new or existing group, like the TV-series or the name of the group that held the meeting.