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Barograph: A barometer and altimeter

iPhone / iPad
  • Weather
  • Utilities
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Barograph is an app that uses the barometer in your iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus to plot the atmospheric pressure in real time. Barograph can also collect barometric pressure values in the background using Background App Refresh. You can use this app to watch weather systems (dropping pressure generally means rain is coming), or to see how the pressure changes as you move up and down in elevation. Barograph also displays your relative altitude using the barometer data.

With Barograph you can:
•View a graph of the atmospheric pressure as it changes in real time in units of kPa, mbar, hPa, or inHg
•Record barometer data in the background using "Background App Refresh".
•Receive periodic push notifications with atmospheric pressure values and trends.
•Share barometer data over email, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
•Save and share images of your barograph plot.
•View your relative altitude using the barometer in meters or feet.

Barograph now contains a notification center "today view" widget which let's you quickly check the atmospheric pressure at any time by swiping down on your screen.