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GPS SpeedAlert

iPhone / iPad
  • Travel
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- "GPS SpeedAlert" to display the current speed by using the GPS of the iPhone.
- This app compiled assuming a traveling in a car.
- And will issue a warning when you exceed the speed you have set. Warning tone does not sound when the silent mode, silent mode is recommended that you use it to release.
- It works in the background. For example, app will warn app even if put in the background in the incoming while driving, if it exceeds the speed.
- App will consume battery in large quantities. Please use by connecting to an external power source as possible.

[New feature] Ver2.0
Fun drive, fun music.
Now, So implemented the new features "MusicPlayer".
It is a simple Player, but it is relatively safe even during operation because perform basic operations in touch.

[Useful features]
- Driving Timer
Equipped with a timer in order to measure of travel time. It displays the time from the application startup and display announcements every 30 minutes / every 60 minutes.
- Plus the value to the display speed.
Displays the maximum 5mhp up by adding to the speed of the acquired current. Display close to the speedometer of the car will be possible.

{display modes}
- Equipped with a multiple screen modes.
AUTO : Screen is rotated to match the orientation of the iPhone.
FIXED : Fixed the screen to disable automatic rotation.
HUD: Place the iPhone on the dashboard, such as at night, it is reflected in the front window.
HALF: alias drink holder mode. The focus on the top information as looking the display as much as possible even when you are using in an upright position in the drink holder iPhone.

- This app is not a tracking app and GPS logger.
It is the app that specializes in the overspeed warning and speed display.
- By the situation, for example, can not get the GPS information / accuracy is low, the speed display is not something that can be guarantee the accuracy necessarily.
Easy to understand example. It becomes impossible to get the information in a high probability When you enter the tunnel (even relatively short tunnel).
Please try to equal safe driving that slow down the tunnel especially also, without overconfidence the speed display.
- Thank you as carried out by as much as possible stop operations, such as configuration changes.
- We do not bear responsibility for traffic accidents is also happening.
- Located in the App Store free version that appears in the ad also "GPS SpeedAlert Free".

Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.