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The characteristic of this app is that you can go through the settings surprisingly fast! There is no need to switch between screens multiple times like with other apps, so you can set your alarm surprisingly quickly!
And when you want to check the weather, by just pressing the search button and entering the place name, this app will show you the weather at the present time and the forecast in 3 hourly intervals!
As well as this, the background gradation colors change for every time period - morning, daytime, evening, and night.

● Through the snooze feature, you can choose whether the alarm will sound again in 5 minutes after it has rung.
● When you push the magnifying glass button, you can enter the name of the place you want to find the weather for (if you press the OK button without entering anything, it will show the weather for the current location).
● It shows the name of your current location (the closest observation station), or the name of a specified location on the upper part of the screen.
● It shows the wind speed in m/s (meters per second) for the place currently being shown.
● The wind gauge will rotate faster depending on how great the wind speed is.
● The weather at the present time and for every three hours is shown, as well as the minimum and maximum temperatures.
● The background gradation colors change for every time period - morning, mid-day, evening, and night.
● The units for temperature display can be changed between Fahrenheit and Celsius from the settings screen.
● It's possible to change and demo the alarm sound from the settings screen.

[Steps for setting the alarm]
1. Set both am/pm and hour/minutes to your desired position.
2. Set the ON/OFF switch to ON.

※The app may not be able to function correctly when the network connection is unstable.

※Location information and data transmission are both necessary to show weather information.
Please use this app after putting your device online (can connect to the network), and going to Settings > Privacy > Location Services and turning the switch on.

※To change the alarm notification style when the app is running in the background (when the app is closed by pressing the home button, or when another app is running), select Swift Alarm from the Show category in Settings > Notification Center on your device. From there, change Notification Style to the style of your choice.