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Agnes64 - Pixeling for the whole family!

Agnes64 is a pixel editor, with the purpose of understanding pixeling and seeing some of the graphics that were awesome back when the Commodore 64 ("C64") ruled the earth. Yeah, that means 30 years ago, when we still got our stuff - our games, applications and 'demos' using ordinary (“snail”) mail. We would run home from school to check our mail boxes and have a sense of Christmas every time there was a nice, little package with disks.

But it wasn’t just a time of CONSUMING, it was also a time of CREATING.

That’s right, you might say we ‘made our own digital toys’. These digital toys were called ‘DEMOS’, a sort of presentation made of cool effects, graphics and music - made to entertain, to show off the abilities of the computer and the talents of the creators.

If a person was creative, you could be part of a demo-group. A demo group normally consisted of:

- programmers
- graphicians
- musicians
- swappers/traders
(responsible for spreading a group’s production and keeping in touch with other groups).

If you’re curious about these productions, check youtube; search for “c64 demo”. And if you get inspired, please know that a lot of people are still making demos for all kinds of computers and we’re welcoming anybody who is interested.

Note about the program:
Click the mailbox to get stuff and tools
Sometimes you get few disks, sometimes many
Sometimes you get the same stuff you already had



PS: For hardcore fans: The C64 multicolor mode was two pixels wide. Sometimes, though, one would use a singlecolor overlay sprite, and therefore, get a small figure with single pixels and double pixels mixed. For simplicity, this editor uses single pixels, but as you can see, most of the small figures are two pixels wide.