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Cardiology by PEI

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Containing 100s of medical illustrations, the patient-education-institute app is a unique visual aid that helps health care professionals enhance the quality of conversations with their patients. Each clinical situation is presented in a well-structured manner with simple illustrations, icons and short supporting texts. With the built-in drawing mode you can make your own drawings on top of the app's illustrations. The Patient Education Institute app: • shortens consultation time • improves doctor-to-patient discussions • enhances the patients' healthcare experience • increases adherence to treatment and has been designed to tackle your biggest every-day problems with patient education. Simplicity and Structure To every patient a consult is a very stressful situation in which his/her capability to absorb information is very limited. That's why our materials excel in presenting each clinical situation as simply as possible, with plenty of high-quality yet simple-to-understand illustrations that adequately support your explanation but leave out any unnecessary complications. Time The constant time-pressure you experience in today's health care, with seemingly never-ending lines of patients and overfilled waiting rooms, doesn't mean you need to skip patient education altogether. The clever structure of our materials, with illustrations, icons and short support texts, coupled with the app's extreme ease-of-use makes that you can give your patients the explanations they deserve within a minute or two. Modesty We believe that the patient should concentrate to what you have to say, rather than being daunted and distracted by the spectacular technological wizardry of the iPad. Our apps behave as modest as possible, so that you can use the app in the way it is meant: as a welcome tool to support your story and get your message across in as short as possible time. Quality The materials offered by The Patient Education Institute have enjoyed an undiminishing popularity amongst health care professionals for more than 30 years and are co-developed with and endorsed by many medical associations worldwide. They are available as printed atlas, app and software for Windows and Mac-PCs. Currently, the cardiology atlas contains the following topics: Structure and function of the heart Cardiac investigations Ambulatory blood pressure monitoring Hypertension Hypertension - Complications Smoking cessation Overweight Hyperlipidemia I - LDL Hyperlipidemia II – triglycerides Cardiovascular disease - Risk assessment Women and cardiovascular disease (CVD) Atherosclerosis Atherothrombosis Coronary heart disease, angina pectoris Heart attack - risk factors Heart attack Life after heart attack Balloon dilatation, bypass operation Peripheral vascular disease Cerebrovascular disease (Carotid stenosis) Stroke Cardiac arrhythmias Ablation Pacemaker Defibrillator-Implantation (ICD) Heart valve replacement Endocarditis Myocarditis Pericarditis Cardiomyopathy Heart failure (cardiac insufficiency) Vein thrombosis