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Mobile Voice Wingman

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Yes - there is real science going on here!

Voice Biometrics is the science of using a person's voice for authentication and validation. There are many types of "biometrics" including fingerprints, facial recognition and even matching people's ears! All of these forms of biometrics rely on unique factors to match information for validation. Certain types of biometrics, like voice, can also be used to identify characteristics about a person including age and gender - and that is where the Mobile Voice Wingman comes in!

Using voice biometrics, the Mobile Voice Wingman analyzes a voice file to help determine whether the voice is that of a male or a female.

Open the App, speak into the Phone, and your Mobile Voice Wingman will do the Rest!

Need Discretion? There are Three Modes to Help You Out
We have provided three ways to get your voice sample and do the analysis:

- Normal Mode: provides you with step by step instructions for obtaining a voice sample and submitting it for analysis as well as more detailed results with images and text.

- Stealth Mode: makes the process a bit more obscure and the results a bit more generic so it is not blatantly obvious what you are trying to do.

- Quick Mode: get a sample - get results. This option makes it quick and easy and gets you right to a result!

Going to a Party? A Club? On a Vacation? Don't forget your Wingman!

Your Mobile Voice Wingman - When You Need To Know!

Accuracy Information:
While based on a proven scientific process with proven results, this application is still intended as a novelty application for entertainment purposes only, designed to attempt to validate the sex of a person based on their voice. Accuracy for this application is statistically greater than 90%, which means it is not 100% accurate and not right every time. While there is a very high degree of accuracy, you should not expect these results to be 100% correct, 100% of the time. It is possible to fool the voice engine, though it is not the norm. To improve accuracy you should speak in a clear voice and with limited background noise.