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Fly to Paris

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1927: A tiny stowaway boards Charles Lindbergh’s plane on his solo flight across the North Atlantic and an urban legend is born. Mixing text and animation, Fly to Paris is a fanciful retelling of Lindbergh’s famous flight.

‘Before today he would have given it little thought, a mere speck on the surface of life, nothing more than a nuisance. But here in the cramped confines of the cabin, with thousands of miles of ocean all around, and the drone of the engine lulling him to sleep–the little fly was welcome company, indeed!’

‘Among the throngs of people enjoying the city that day was a first-time visitor from Ithaca, New York, who wrote a postcard to her favorite aunt in New Haven, Connecticut, describing her long ocean voyage, her arrival on the docks of South Hampton, the ferry ride across the channel to Cailles, the train trip from Cailles to Paris–and the annoying fly she encountered at the Eiffel Tower.’

‘Rene Bereaud only shrugged. “Sacrebleu! Such a big fuss over such a tiny little thing!”’