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Bwom - Pelvic Floor Exercises for Intimate health

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Strengthen your pelvic muscles, improve your intimate health and sex and prevent pelvic pain with Bwom, your app for pelvic floor health and wellness, created by specialists for your condition!

Bwom is the best female health app on the market, perfect for women who want to take care of their core and pelvic floor. In every stage of your life. Get customized exercise plans adapted to fit your life stage and symptoms and a blog with exclusive content on intimate health and inspiration.


» Take the test and evaluate your pelvic and sexual health.
» Enjoy your personalized routine of Kegel exercises and other pelvic muscles exercises – abdominals, all you need to strengthen your soft belly and deal with incontinence and urine leakage.
» All you need is 10 minutes to train your core muscles daily, doing Kegels and Hypopressive exercises.

If you leak, you can fix it! Urinary incontinence is a taboo, but it's a common problem. Improve vaginal wellness and get rid of any sexual discomfort! If you had a C-section, an episiotomy, or you simply have difficulties contracting your pelvic muscles. Bwom is your discreet yet effective solution. Your workout routine can include from Kegel exercises, low pressure fitness or hypopressive gymnastics, a perineal massage for your prenatal preparation, to quotidian post-partum care or exercises to ease the transition into menopause! You’ll also find a blog on intimate health.


Bwom Test – evaluate the wellness of your pelvic floor!

• Bwom’s evaluation method was created by health specialists and physical therapists to maximize its effectiveness.
• Personalized workout routines for women, with customized plans for your intimate wellness.
• More than 200 unique exercises including auto-exploration, Kegel Relax, Kegel Strength, Kegel Maintenance, Hypopressives, breathing techniques, scar massages, perineal massage, bowel exercises with tips to avoid constipation, postural exercises and more. However, you only receive those exercises that cover your needs. 2 to 3-minute audio recordings with effective instructions for daily sessions of exercises & information for more vitality. Improve your intimate health with no hassle, it’s discreet!
• An intimate health blog with professional, easy to understand information.
• Personalized notifications prompting to remember every fitness session! Integrity equals

* Now you can bring your intimate health coach trainer wherever you go! Break the taboo and exercise your core, abdomen & pelvic floor muscles!


{+} Deal with incontinence and constipation, improve bladder control and bowel health with our tips.
{+} Get rid of sexual discomfort and make sexual intercourse more pleasant
{+} Pregnancy care, childbirth preparation, episiotomy prevention and postpartum care.
{+} Helps with postpartum recovery and scar tissue care with short daily massages. Avoid belly muscle deterioration.
{+} A stronger, toned abdomen. Your navel can rock the beach! Let our physical therapist improve your abdominal performance.
{+} No one will notice! Contracting your pelvic muscles firmly is a sly form or physical therapy work.


> Kegel contraction and relaxation: the perfect trainer for your vagina!
> Test yourself and improve your wellness and sex experience!
> Train your pelvic muscles for pelvic pain prevention!
> Avoid deterioration of your belly after pregnancy!


Each plan has 12 exercises; 3 of them are free!
When you buy premium exercises, the payment will go through Google Play.


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