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magical keys+

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Hello Welcome to a more secure world, where you can help protect the information most important to you have under your responsibility and you can join the Group of people who manage their wealth.

Buying magic keys you become a great protector of your information (messages, photos, videos, profiles on social networks,...) and economic resources (money, jewelry, securities, documents), so you can rest quiet every day, in addition to earning money using this fabulous tool.

Benefits of using magical keys +

1-you can make money by creating strong passwords (easy to remember and difficult to decipher), for your friends, family, coworkers or who ask for it.
2. protect your passwords securely to avoid other people to see them and use. Thanks to our algorithms and large market security encryption methods.
3. you can use a great graphical interface that allows you to have clarity of what you do.
4. you have the possibility of storing all passwords you want both online (web) applications, as in applications on your mobile device.
5 you can use the internal web browser located in the safe of the laboratory, which safely protects you from leaving traces that others could use to harm you.
6. you can buy more deposits to store more passwords (alphanumeric) or codes of access numerical that can used in many activities of your life (as them of the Bank).
7 magical keys (passwords) and observations of them, stored information is encrypted with the best features offered by iOS.
8. you can use your fingers to make large or small, simple or complex passwords.
9. you can choose that complex will be the password, you can create it yourself.
10. you can create passwords with only shake your mobile device.
11. you're the only one with access to the secret area where all the deposits that contain magical keys (strong passwords) are located.
12. You can buy all the deposits of magic keys (strong passwords) you want, which are kept in the secret area, these deposits must be purchased for each installation you make application just like when Miss tanks to store more magic keys at each of the levels of the secret area.

Magic keys enjoy the fabulous tool you need, with minimal effort on your part which allows you to create "strong passwords" from a letter, manage them, and browse with privacy among the web sites on the internet that you use every day and between the applications installed on your iPad. It's great to have magical keys on your iPad, buy it and make it yours.


You can use the password tools (SAV Solutions) or tools from other companies.

* Each package of deposits corresponds to a level of the area secret and are products consumables (you can make multiple purchases of these products).

* To access the secret area where the deposits for the magical keys (passwords) are you must use the Cabinet is under the computer lab classroom, touch it and write the security password that you want to use to access the secret area. The first time the user must create a strong password, with the option to generate your new tools "key magic +" to access the secret area.

* To again access the secret to repeat the previous step, but this time you only have to enter the password you wrote the first time used the application.

Write to us at and tell us that you want most in this magnificent tool