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Alien Battle.

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Alien Battle is a free game from B24esolutions and is available for both Android and iOS . It is an easy to play game but hard to advance. In the game you control a UFO and you need to kill a certain number of Poontang enemies and reach the target points to advance to the next level.

The game currently has 3 levels:

Level 1 shoot the Poontang’s enemies hidden inside the glowing rocks
Level 2 shoot the Poontang’s enemies hidden inside the fastest flying black birds
Level 3 shoot the Poontang’s enemies hidden inside the spaceship that’s capable of shooting back

The UFO automatically moves from left to right but you need to tap the screen to move the ship and keep it from flying out of the sky. You need to avoid a lot of stuff flying at you, so you will need some practice! You can capture helper aliens to get more lives and missiles.

The game does have a variety of IAPs to help you get more lives and missiles quickly. There is also a toy shop where you can purchase MTA collectibles.

The game has a nice minimalist design, making it easy to see the ships and your current score and progress. I found myself having to do the initial level or stage over and over again, just trying to survive and move to the next level. My son finished level 1 relatively quickly. :)

Alien Battle is cute, scrolling shooter that will keep you busy for a while if you managed to get past level 3 you are in for a wonderful "thank you animation treat" from the mother alien MIMI.

Alien Battle quickly reminds you of those fun nostalgic days of war and battle games, so simple to play yet so challenging.

Please enjoy and don't forget to go to their website and following them on F/T