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iCalc Loan - Loan Calculator with Interest, Payments and Snowball Payment Methods

iPhone / iPad
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  • Finance
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Confused about the cost of your loan options? iCalc Loan will help you calculate how much a loan will cost and allow you to better understand your options for reducing your debt.

iCalc Loan can act as a simple loan calculator, calculating the total interest, loan term or monthly payment for a single loan or can act as a more detailed calculator allowing you to compare the profitability of different payment methods with a number of loans.


* Use the app as a simple calculator for a single loan or calculate the costs of a number of loans.

* Calculate monthly payment from the loan term or the term of the loan from a monthly payment.

* See the total interest you will accumulate over the life of the loan.

* Compare the cost of different payment methods such as the snowball method, basic payments or the avalanche method.

* Intuitively see the results with graphs for remaining principal, total interest or monthly payments.

* Detailed help is fully integrated into the app.

Download iCalc Loan and start taking control of your debt.