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Speedy Tourist

iPhone / iPad
  • Travel
  • Navigation
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The Speedy Tourist app is a convenient application of Route Optimization Software, and is designed for use by tourists, courier services, and everyday use in planning errands. Speedy Tourist is built around the concept of a round trip with multiple stops, and is intended to design the optimal route and order of stops from a starting point to all of the stops and back to the start. This differs from ordinary routing software with multiple waypoints. Speedy Tourist computes the most efficient order of stops, as well as the route back to the starting point with the goal of minimizing the overall distance traveled.

If you are a tourist, you can specify your hotel as your home base, search for places of interest by entering keywords (pizza, museums, etc.) or addresses, or just touch a location on a map. Where available, Speedy Tourist will provide website and phone information about the sites at the touch of a pin, and allow you to confirm or skip a suggested stop. When all of your choices for the round trip have been made, Speedy Tourist will calculate the most efficient route between all of the stops and display them on a map. You can toggle your current location on and off to use the map display as a GPS along the route, or display the stops and directions as a list. For any leg of the trip, you may optionally select to open the route in Apple Maps© and use their turn by turn directions.

Speedy Tourist may also be used to plan errands, set up multiple deliveries, etc. In all cases, Speedy Tourist is designed to calculate and display the shortest round trip between all of the destinations.

Speedy Tourist requires an internet connection to communicate with Apple Maps© for location information, and 19th Square servers to calculate the optimal route.