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Objective Box

iPhone / iPad
  • Sports
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The Objective Box manages your whole airsoft or paintball war game with the touch of a few buttons. Featuring three unique mission modes that will allow you to set up a multitude of games with ease. Launch your mission on a time you designate and end it exactly when you want it to. It will also audibly announce pre-mission launch time as well as remaining time within the mission. Visually see the time tick away on screen and interact with the touch screen buttons to detonate the device. This app does it all and will transform your regular weekend games to a fully structured operation.

Three different missions to choose from: Timed Mission, Capture Mission & Rush Mission.

With Timed Mission, players get the ability to have timed matches without the need for game coordinators or stop watches. Enjoy games that are fully functional as the Objective Box announces game start, end and remaining time left in the game! All you need to do is play the game, the Objective Box app will handle the rest.

With Capture Mission, the objective is go out and capture the device. The catch is, the Objective Box emits a repeating “Tracking Beep” tone for the duration of the mission which keeps the action high as players will hear its location on the field. This is a fast-paced, action packed mission that keeps players moving!

With Rush Mission, players get to experience one of the most well known video game objectives on their own personal battlefield. Utilizing the device touch screen to arm and disarm the Objective Box, players will have to arm the box and “destroy” it as it explodes after a set duration or counter this action by touching the disarm button. Defend the Objective Box with your life or go all out and destroy the objective; either way it is sure to be an intense and thrilling mission!

Features: Pre-Mission Count Down, Start/End Mission Sirens, Mission Remaining Time Announcements, Arm/Disarm Touch Button.

User Set Options: Overall Mission Time, Mission Start Delay, Time Announcements On/Off, Arm/Disarm Button Press Time, Detonation Time, End Mission Siren On/Off, In-Game Mission Lock Out On/Off with Pass Code.

But that’s not all! The Objective Box as an app alone within your iOS device is incredible, especially for smaller CQB arenas or permanent locations. However, amplifying the sound from this app creates a whole new immersive experience which is essential for larger fields and heavily wooded areas. To do this requires a simple tool that you can build yourself and we show you how!

Introducing the center piece to adrenaline filled missions from this day forward. Built with dual PA speakers, a rechargeable battery and a powerful amplifier, this playable objective will completely structure and coordinate game play by way of sound. All you need to do is connect your device via audio cable and run the Objective Box app! Now every player can hear what is happening on the field of battle with this new creation that you can build with ease.

Check out our example designs and don’t forget to view our instructional videos on our website that illustrate how easy it is to create your own Objective Box to go with this app! Visit for more details and to see it in action!