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Experience more profound meditation and better sleep with Calibrate!

Calibrate uses brainwave technology with binaural beats*, you also have the option to choose your own music to go with it. So you're listening to your own music while the brainwave magic is working behind the scene.

Besides, better learning, sleep, creative sessions and more can be achieved with Calibrate, which provides 7 different kinds of brainwave inducers (binaural beats), each is good at inducing a certain mental state.

A sleep timer is included to pull you out of the matrix.

Follow these steps to use Calibrate:
1, Put on your headphones
2, Select a binaural beats by tapping on the top button
3, (optional) Select a list of music in your device by tapping on the middle button
4, Select a duration by sliding the timer bar (to "infinity" if you like)
5, Play

[*] Binaural Beats: brainwave inducing tones that help you maintain meditation, relaxation, concentration, creativity and other desirable mental states.