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Target Shooting Game

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MATH is a difficult subject, but if you make the studying fun, it can be quite enthralling! With Target Shooting you can practice COUNTING while playing a captivating game. No more boring math exercises! Play shooting game, improve your math skills and become the smartest student in your class!

FOR PARENTS: Kids don’t like boring exercises from textbook. You’d rather give them a try to play Target Shooting! It draws attention from the first seconds and makes everyone who try it play more and more. This game will improve kid's MATH skills, REACTION and ACCURACY! Let your kids get only good marks!

Actually this training app is also useful for adults. Counting exercises are a good thing to keep your MIND CLEAN and SHARP at any age. Don’t worry, it’s not a tiresome counting trainer. This fascinating Target Shooting game will give you a time to relax and play, but at the same time to use your brain!

HOW TO PLAY: You are in the shooting gallery. There are 2 settings in this game:

1. Count the amount of cans, choose the RIGHT NUMBER written on a ball of yarn. If the answer is right, the ball will hit a can pyramid, but if the answer is wrong, it will miss.

2. Shoot a target with the BIGGEST number. If you miss, keep trying until you hit the necessary one. Be attentive, the amount of mistakes is LIMITED. You lose the game, if make too much of them.

Target Shooting FEATURES:
- Counting app to practice and improve your MATH skills
- Shooting game to train your reaction and accuracy
- Relaxing and amusing children’s and adult's pastime

Come in, visit our Target Shooting gallery. You’ve got a chance to practice SHOOTING and COUNTING just in one app. Have a good time and study at the same time!