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Tago by iVue

iPhone / iPad
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Welcome to Tago. This App works with and is the companion to Tago Smart Tags which can be purchased from many retail stores as well as

If you're prone to losing things at home or in the office, Tago will certainly make life easier.


Tago is the easiest way to find the things you're always losing and the things you'd be lost without!


The Tago App is very easy to use with easy to follow on-screen instructions and you can manage all your Tagos from the home menu by page scrolling from one Tago to another.


When you Place a Tago on the things you lose often...
• Keys • Remote controls • Your spectacles

And the things you'd be lost without...
• Children • Pets • Wallets
• Purses • Bags • Laptops
• Tablets • Bikes • Suitcases
you are tethering them both to your Smartphone. So if one is left behind or misplaced, it has a real friend on the lookout. It's the smartest detective duo since Sherlock and Watson!

• Small enough to use anywhere! Tagos attach unobtrusively to anything: from your keys, to your pets, to everything you care about and each Tago comes with a versatile keyring and attachment as well as 3M double-sided adhesive sticker so you can stick your Tago when you need to.

• Two-way separation alert warns whenyou leave your phone or other items behind.
• Audible signal guides you in to items you've lost.
• Tago App's radar distance indicator tells you when you're getting closer to what you’re looking for.
• Homing device brings you safely back to where you parked your car...or pitched your tent... or left your boat, or...
• Perfect selfies guaranteed! Tago works as a Wireless Bluetooth Remote Shutter Control for your Smartphone camera.
• You’re not alone!
Everyone misplaces things. When you report something's lost, Tago's Community Find becomes a search and rescue team. It is a real search community that gets the job done by simply having the Tago App on! The Tago App provides GPS updates on your missing item's location using Community Find, a crowd source tracking technology.
You'll get an anonymous alert when anyone with the Tago app open on their phone comes within 30m of the missing object.

Protect the things you lose often and the things you’d be lost without!
Tago On! Download the App and order your Tago Smart Tags Today!