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Created by mail carriers, for mail carriers. The mail carrier app is an essential tool for CCAs and regular carriers alike. It is jam-packed with many useful features. The main feature of the app is the MSP tracker/timer. Simply enter your start/end time for a specific route and the app tells you exactly when you need to be at your MSP scan, and where it is. From leaving the office to returning you will not have any doubt about where you'll need to be, when you'll need to be there, and how long you will have to get there. No more routes getting cut short from carriers finishing too early, and no more hearing it from the boss when you arrive too late. The app has a countdown timer so you know when to speed up, and when to slow down; it makes hitting the MSP scans on time easy and accurate every single time - no thinking involved. All it takes is a simple glance at your phone and you have all the information you need (also have the option of using an audible alarm). Just enter the start/end time and let the app do the work for you. App also features timecard to keep track of hours worked to keep management honest. Simply enter hours worked and the app tracks the time and calculates how much money you made in a biweekly period (including time and a half and double time). App also features military time conversion, CCA tutorial and FAQ. The CCA tutorial and FAQ has answers to all the major questions new carriers might have in language that is easy to understand. This includes acronyms and other postal lingo. We have taken all of the questions new carriers have had, and created a tutorial so you have no doubt as to how to do the job when you get there the first day, and a resource to refer to when you have do have a question. You will know how to do everything you were hired to do. If you have any additional questions you can use the contact button in the app to ask a question anytime and we will answer. As an extra we included a resource link for salary information for any and all postal employees. (This information is readily available but we decided to include it for fun anyway. Did you know the USPS employs three chauffeurs at $51,792/yr.? Really, look it up!)

We developed this app because being a carrier is a hard job, with very high expectations, and we wanted to do something to help our brothers and sisters out, even if it helps just a little. We also were tired of the revolving door of CCAs and wanted to create something that would help them succeed. With that in mind we tried to keep the price under one hour’s wage for a CCA. Creating and maintaining an app is very costly so we hope to recoup some of the money invested. We appreciate any help and donations. Funds permitting, we plan to add GPS technology to make this app even more useful. With this technology we will be able to incorporate a route guide (no more guessing where to go next), localized weather/news alerts, and distance tracking. This technology is very expensive and we simply couldn't afford it with the initial release. We also want to add other fun features like a message board and chatting system so carriers can keep up to date and also keep each other informed. We are also counting on our fellow carriers to help us with ideas to make the app even better. We want this to be a community project for the greater good of all of us. If there are any issues or ideas that you have please keep us informed. We will review everything and will use any and all good ideas for future updates!