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The only thing that might be faster than the speed of light is the speed of life. Shopcrew isn’t just there to help you make the best decisions possible, it also helps you keep up with your friends (i.e. your crew) while keeping up with your busy schedule, It helps you by bringing a panel of experts, public opinion, and all of your friends and family with you everywhere you go.

Shopcrew curates staying a step ahead of everyone else while still staying in touch with them. Shopcrew is your gateway to discovering a whole new world of fashion, design, and brilliant hacks to make your life easier, faster, cooler ― just better. In the age of two-second attention spans, Shopcrew’s bagging feature will make sure that you don’t forget about the content you come across and love. Whether it’s about the dress that will push your wardrobe over the edge, or just a great idea for getting your creativity flowing. Simply click the bag icon and it will stay on your profile so you can refer back to it, anytime you want. You can also voice your opinion by liking and sharing posts tailored especially towards your interests. Not to mention, you can share any Shopcrew post with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram with just 1-click and vice-versa.

Reaching your goals has never been easier. Whether you want the perfect beach body or to win the state championships, Shopcrew holds the secrets to staying fit and healthy. You can effortlessly get great ideas for awesome kitchen hacks, find easy and delicious dinner options to make the family dinner extra special, or just snag an amazing Trader Joe’s find and share with the world. Not only that, you can treat yourself to all of the current trends and gossip while voting for the cutest puppies as you scope out post of your favorite celeb that links directly to the store where you can ogle the jeans they are sporting. Shopcrew’s magazine-style interface gives new meaning to discovering, sharing and socializing

You can even shop in real-time with your family and friends while you’re out living up your life. Imagine you want to slip out for a much needed shopping trip with friends, but none of your friends can make it. You choose to go it alone, and you stumble on a shoe sale and you like two pairs of shoes but not sure which one to get (Unless you are Bill Gates and have unlimited budget) You can have your friends give you instant feedback on which pair of shoes you should snag! If that’s not enough, you can open up the voting to the entire Shopcrew community. Just make sure that you return the favor by voting for them, too. There’s no better way to kill time while you wait for your latte than Shopcrew. Nothing is more addictive (not even the caffeine in your latte) than knowing that your opinion matters.

Managing all of your projects, obligations, and desires on your own time shouldn’t mean that you have to do it alone. Shopcrew puts a fun new spin while discovering new ideas and sharing your own, while meeting fun new people who share similar interests. You can go beyond just being “connected” to your friends, make them part of your crew! Shopcrew isn’t just some style thing ― it’s a lifestyle thing.