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Status Dashboard

iPhone / iPad
  • Productivity
  • Lifestyle
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Tired of re-entering common tasks in your todo list?
Tired of time related reminders that don't care when the thing actually needs doing?
Tired of systems with a high overhead?

Status Dashboard is an application to help you keep a close eye on the status of related items. It was designed primarily to help with maintenance of everyday chores but it can be used for anything that needs constant status checkups.

- Items have a colored dot next to them to show the status of the item
- Swipe right to change the status color
- Have as many lists as you want
- Last status change is saved and shown

No-one should box you in one way of using a tool. You know how best to use it so that's why Status Dashboard gives you just 3 colors to swipe between. You decide what they mean for you and for your current list of items!

If you use Status Dashboard for maintenance tasks or like would say the famous poet Robert Frost: "Things that just don't want to stay done", it is recommended to write the items in a "done" state. For example: Dishes Cleaned, Emails Checked, etc.. Just swipe to set them as green, or done and as you see them in need of being done again, just swipe to change their status to yellow. Swipe again for red status. Finally, when it's done, swipe again and it will turn back to green. No more re-entering of tasks and no awkward reminders!

- Have groceries you always want to have at home; create a list and keep track of your supply level.
- Have a recurrent movie night with friends; keep a list of who's coming this weekend.
- Bringing the same items while traveling; make sure they are packed and following you.
- Have items you rent or lend; keep track of what you have in stock.
- Have employees on call; know who's available and who's not.

It is with sincere hope that by using Status Dashboard, you are free to focus on what is important to you and not on the system to keep track of it.