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Destroy Daily Devils

iPhone / iPad
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Destroy Daily Devils V1.0
Game Concept: This computer game is based on the ancient practice of archery and the unparalled skills displayed by a Prince in ancient India. We have conceptualized this game to bring into focus on day to day human negative qualities as Daily Devils such as Anger, Greed, Ego, Mistrust, Envy, Apathy, Unfocussed mind , Uncaring attitude, Rudeness and Indecisiveness as targets rotating around the human heart , which need to be destroyed. This game provides focussed constant mind tuning remembrance towards a mindset to Destroy Daily Devils within a time limit. This game is playable by all age groups like Teens, Adults and Senior Citizens of both genders .

This game features the 10 dimensional parametres considered while developing the game concept. When the 10 dimensional parametres get aligned in the human mind , destruction of daily devils is certain at the game’s altar and no power can stop that human being from achieving peace in his life; and this game helps the gamer to acquire those 10 dimensional inspirations with practice of the game in real life as well.

The game screen opens up to enter name and age and then to various options for different age groups. In the next screen depending upon the comfort , one can select the Basic Level or Expert Level. Any time pressing Home Button takes you back to the 1st screen , pressing Exit button / Right hand Top corner X , game closes. One can stretch the game screen to match one’s computer screen by right click mouse or as per local display settings.

Basic Level :This level need to be played within 20 seconds with multiple arrows of maximum 10 at one time flying simultaneously to hit the devils, pressing 1 will release one arrow, 2 will release 2 arrows and so on. Pressing 0 will release all 10 arrows at one time only; it means if any key is pressed from 1 to 0, next time that key will not be available. The gamer will have a flexibility to play in whatever combination of keys from 1 to 0 as per his play strategy.

Expert Level: This level is played with one arrow released at a time .The goal is to hit the rotating devil. If this attempt is not successful, press1 again until all the devils are hit or the 60 seconds are up.

Game Score Board: The display board on top updates devils names which got destroyed instantly.If the Gamer hits all targets , a Royal certificate showing gamer name, age, time , date and time taken to Destroy Daily Devils will be shown along with a Special Royal Coronation music played for 10 seconds for the gamer. If all Daily Devils are not Destroyed within 20 seconds for basic level and 60 seconds for Expert level by the arrows released by the player, The Crown Prince / The Crown Princess will appear on the screen with a message to the player "Sorry, You are not yet able to conquer the kingdom of the Inner world, try again". Then play again button comes up and when clicked , a 5 second count down indicator appears to make you ready to target the arrows again.The same process follows for Grownups and Senior Citizens.

Game Message:
As there is no other place for the last battle of humanity to be fought , except the place of human heart which is surrounded by Daily Devils. Hence those daily devils are to be destroyed to make the day safe to everyone.

This game online version is available for free registration to the people who purchased official copy to secure credits and win prizes and Royal Coronation.Visit web site for Terms of Usage.

Game Conceived & Developed by: Mr.VRMR / GEWI Art Gallery ( Global East West Innovations ) promoted by Mr.VRMR. Copyright: Copyright ©, 2013 Mr.VRMR / GEWI Art Gallery ( Global East West Innovations) , All Rights Reserved. ( Mr.VRMR ,Mr.Velagapudi Ram Mohan Rao , GEWI - Global East West Innovations )