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Fraction Tutor

iPhone / iPad
  • Education
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This app performs the four basic arithmetic operations with fractions. It displays all the steps necessary in a calculation as well as the final answer, so it is a useful teaching tool. The steps may include finding the gcd/lcm of the denominators, cancelling any common terms present, and simplifying a fraction to its lowest terms, e.g. 5/15 equals 1/3.

The final answer is always a fraction, and so it is the exact answer. If desired it may be converted to a decimal result, but this may involve some roundoff error.

Note. The app manipulates positive fractions only, as negative ones can be dealt with using the basic rules for signs. So one can use:
- frac1 - frac2 = - (frac1 + frac2)
- frac1 * frac2 = - (frac1 * frac2)
- frac1 / frac2 = - (frac1 / frac2)
- frac1 / -frac2 = (frac1 / frac2)
- frac1 + frac2 = frac2 - frac1

Tip 1. To simplify/reduce a fraction, enter it as Fraction 1, enter Fraction 2 as 1 / 1, and multiply them. For example 14/49 simplifies to 2/7.

Tip 2. To convert a mixed fraction, e.g. 2 3/4 to an improper (ordinary) fraction, enter Fraction1 as the whole number 2 / 1, Fraction2 as the fraction part 3/4, and add them, to get 11/4.