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Ultimate Contract Shooter 3D

iPhone / iPad
  • Sports
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  • Action
  • Arcade
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You are dropped by a helicopter on one of the many islands protected by enemy robots.
Your mission is to destroy all the obstacles and shoot the enemy killing machines one after the other.
Your final goal in this contract is to capture the TOP SECRET design of a weapons factory. The factory map is split in multiple parts of this army camp and you need to complete different missions to find all parts and complete the map.
You have to be vigilant about the enemy weapons including land mines, timed devices, automatic machine guns, shooting towers, booby traps and laser fences.
5 challenging missions are provided with a lot of action. You need to be an agile shooter and a quick decision maker to FINISH THEM ALL.

For an interactive tutorial, please play level 1.
You can use the arrows on the left side of the screen to control forward, backward and sideways movement of your soldier.
The camera view can be adjusted by using the upper half of the screen.
The aim button lets you lock your target by providing a telescopic view.
The jump button lets you jump over different hurdles in your path. Different shooter positions which include sit, stand and run can also be chosen by a separate button.
The weapons can be fired using the fire button located on lower right side. Reload button lets you reload the ammo.
The weapon switch button lets you choose between different weapons such as machine gun and rocket propelled grenade. Ammunition for all weapons is limited so you need to be careful with its usage and need to pick up ammo wherever you find it.