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This brand new version of iNeuron® is a completely re-designed and re-written version of our original game, iNeuron-EFT. It includes 5-times the content, and has been developed from scratch to give you a richer and more engaging learning experience on the iPad. iNeuron teaches neuroscience concepts through a series of instructional challenges and learn-by-doing games. It facilitates both independent learning and collaborative problem solving.

iNeuron is organized around two kinds of challenges. Content-based challenges teach concepts like the different types of cells, the role of inhibition and feedback in nerve function, sound signals, and learning.

Circuit-building challenges are structured to test and reinforce the concepts that were just taught. They require the student-player to manipulate various parts of a neural circuit (brain, neurons, feedback loops, muscles) to create a valid pathway and meet the objective of the challenge.

Any of the circuit-building challenges can be completed using Single Player or Group Play modes. In Single Player mode, students proceed at their own pace, guided along the way by a series of hints that build and reinforce knowledge by building a circuit to match the objective of the challenge. In Group Play mode, a student collaborates with a partner or small team to solve the circuit-building challenges together. Each student has control of some parts of the circuit they are building, but the circuit cannot be completed unless the group works together. As each student moves the parts they control, the others in the group can see what they are doing.

In August we will release the Andamio Dashboard, which will enable educators to tailor content to their learning environment/classroom, monitor students’ progress as they work through the challenges in iNeuron, be alerted to emerging misconceptions or students falling behind, and to produce summary reports of student and class progress. With the touch of a button, the Dashboard will unlock all the content and challenges for an entire classroom of iPads.

iNeuron was developed in collaboration with the University of Minnesota and funded by a prestigious 2-year grant from the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) targeted to improve K-12 neuroscience education.


iNeuron® is a registered trademark of Andamio Games. The content in iNeuron was developed to align with US educational standards. The iNeuron project described above was supported by Award Number R43MH096674 from the National Institute of Mental Health. The content is solely the responsibility of the authors and does not necessarily represent the official views of the National Institute of Mental Health or the National Institutes of Health.