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Track-It is the most powerful, simple tracker available. It will keep you accountable to your goals and outcomes in any area of your choosing.

– A simple yet robust way of choosing categories you design and then allotting points for activities important to your success.

– It includes a way of comparing your day to day, month over month year-over-year point totals to a long-term goal or outcome i.e. sales versus activity.

– This is the only tracker that will compare your activity and show you in graphic form how it relates to your goal. I.e. an increase in daily and monthly activity should correlate directly to an increase in your desired goal or outcome, whether it be sales, assets under management for the financial professional, homes sold, cars sold or any other metric you can think of.

Track it will help you

– Keep focused on the most important activities of your day

– Give more importance i.e. points to the most beneficial activities.

– Keep complete track of your progress day-to-day month-to-month year-over-year.

– Hold you accountable, you'll be able to see lack of activity(points) and how it correlates to your performance.

Benefits of the tracking app

– Fully customizable, you decide all categories and points a lot into each category of activity.

– Simple, set it up, opened the app hit what activity you did, the app does the rest

– Eliminates excuses for why you're not reaching your goals

– Easy backup and restore of data. We don't keep the data you do.

– One page to enter all the days activities, no having to scroll multiple pages and app or tabs… Very simple and user-friendly