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Apollo Billing - RAMQ

iPhone / iPad
  • Productivity
  • Medical
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The app allows medical professionals and teams to bill RAMQ for the patients they see in Quebec.

All of the patient records are kept inside your iOS device. Adding a record is very quick with using a number of powerful features described below.

To use the app all you need is a billing agent that accepts receiving patients by email.


-Label Recognizer: A powerful image parser can read your patient label stickers. The parser will add the RAMQ and patient name automatically to speed up the billing process.

-Customization: The app is highly customizable for any specialty. Templates for billing can be created. The app has 10 different field types. These types include: Plain Text, Phone Number, Date, Start Date and End Data, Text View, List Selection, Number Entry, Check Box, Time Entry, Data Time Entry.

-Beyond input field: The Check Box can be setup to turn on and off other fields. This makes billing for a phone or meeting very quick.

-Beyond input field: The List Selection can be setup into groups. For example you can make a number of groups that correspond to parts of the body then add values. Thus even if you have to deal with hundreds of diagnosis they can be reduced into manageable quick groups.

-Favourites: Find your self billing for the same procedures or diagnosis often? You can setup up quick favourite groups.

-Last Value: Often repeating the same values for a given day such as a clinic location. You can have the app autofill a billing with the last value.

-Share Features: The template system is powerful and makes billing quick, however it can be time consuming to setup the first. We've added a share feature for templates. You can share your templates for RAMQ billing with your collages or even entire departments.

-Referring Physician Search: You can search all of the registered physicians in Quebec inside of the app.

-Work offline: You can add patients without an active internet connection.

-Online backup: All your patients are automatically backed up when you have an active internet connection.

-Patient Search: All of the records for your patients become easily searchable. For example you can search for a list of all the patients you did
a particular procedure on.

-Export: You can export all your data into a PDF or CSV file.

-Payment: This app is a free service created by medical doctors in Quebec who were frustrated with the traditional billing. You are paid for your billings by the RAMQ using an external billing service.

-Paperless: This app will allow you to stop carrying around paper patient billings.

-Security: The app uses Touch ID and passwords to protect your patient data.

This app has been created by physicians in Quebec. The service is free to use.