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iPress Viewer

iPhone / iPad
  • Productivity
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iPress Viewer allows to a designer or an author, creating a content with the iPress Builder, to preview it on iOS devices.
Without a doubt, in being able to view a content from the user’s perspective, you should to judge what does and doesn’t work. Therefore, this app is essential for testing content before publication.
Furthermore, this app can be used also as a presentation tool. No software, making slides, propose this level of interactivity or this level of connectivity.

How it works?
The MacOS App iPress Builder, allowing to create magazines, catalogs, brochures, etc... for the iOS devices, "talks" directly with the iPress Viewer.
The author has just to push on the "Preview" button and chose the right iPad to export the content in an optimized format to the Viewer over a wireless network. At the end of the transfer, the content appears in the library of the Viewer. Then the author can use the content in the same way than his future readers and check if it meets his expectations.

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