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In The Shadow

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Photography by Leonie Hampton

The interactive version of the picture book In The Shadow Of Things showcases a new technology through the medium of a moving account of a woman and her family living with her Contamination OCD condition. A delicate, troubled but loving understanding is presented here in a multi-dimensional way which demonstrates that ‘new publishing’ can mean far more than simply an electronic version of a paper book.

Family photographs, letters, sound recordings, film footage, first hand testimony, arguments and monologues are brought together by the technology to dazzling effect with this new app, using the iPad framework to push the envelope of artistic possibilities in publishing.

This multi-media app acts as a kind of a tailor-made gallery. Pick a picture, any picture and it will lead you down different emotional paths of a deeply personal, powerful story immersing you in one family’s battle against OCD, sometimes painful, sometimes humorous. As well as viewing Hampton’s expressive original images, users can delve through re-discovered family videos, drawings and archive photographs, witness audio of family arguments and monologues, and dip into transcripts of private conversations.

Features include: text and audio prologue, a multimedia archive, slideshows, an animation, an audio archive, and social networking and sharing options.