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Metascifi is a practical guide to life inspired by the commanders, diplomats, scientists and aliens of American television science fiction. 100 minutes of unique interview footage - searchable by topic - tackle the big questions of any human life like love, evil, sex, violence, death, prejudice, power, and regret.

Use Metascifi as a daily guide to find better answers to questions like, ‘how do I really fall in love?’, ‘what is my life’s purpose?’, ‘how do I express truly who I am?’ ‘how do I live as fully as possible?’

The Metascifi app collates wisdom inspired by Star Trek, Stargate, Firefly, Farscape and Warehouse 13.

Hear advice for living well from Nathan Fillion (Capt Mal Reynolds, Firefly), Jonathan Frakes (Cmdr Will Riker, Star Trek Next Generation), Gates McFadden (Dr Beverly Crusher, Star Trek Next Generation), David Hewlett (Dr Rodney McKay, Stargate Atlantis), Eddie McClintock (Agent Pete Lattimer, Warehouse 13), Christopher Judge (Jaffa Warrior Teal'c, Stargate SG-1), Joe Flanigan (Col John Sheppard, Stargate Atlantis), Kate Mulgrew (Capt Kathryn Janeway, Star Trek Voyager), Claudia Black (Peacekeeper Aeryn Sun, Farscape and Vala Mal Doran, Stargate SG-1), David Nykl (Dr. Radek Zelenka, Stargate Atlantis), Torri Higginson (Dr Elizabeth Weir, Stargate Atlantis), Ben Browder (John Crichton, Farscape and Col Cameron Mitchell Stargate SG-1), Alice Krige (Borq Queen, Star Trek Voyager).

Metascifi is created by British public artist Martin Firrell as a work of digital public art and philosophical enquiry.