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Cross Number Discovery Puzzles Pre/K

  • Education
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Cross-Number Discovery Puzzles & Games Pre/Kindergarten is the first resource in the exciting new series Cross-Number Discovery Puzzles & Games. The first set of 30 cards is for pre-kindergarten and the second set is for kindergarten. This app contains the first 30 cards.

The Cross-Number Discovery Puzzles & Games series focuses on the number concepts that underlie math curricula. The puzzles and games give teachers a diagnostic tool that helps identify gaps in a student’s understanding of number concepts. Using this frequently self-correcting tool, teachers can help their students discover their potential, feel good about their learning and feel good about themselves. The puzzles and games are also a powerful invitation for parental involvement. Parents and children can work together on the puzzles or games as a shared activity as mathematics understanding deepens.

An entire class can be working on Cross-Number Discovery Puzzles & Games at the same time, each student at his or her own level. Regardless of their level, students using Cross-Number Discovery Puzzles & Games will grow, discover and learn with these reinforcing and increasingly challenging materials. The Cross-Number Discovery Puzzles & Games series offers five levels. Each resource contains a minimum of 30 puzzles. The gradual introduction of new number concepts, strategies and skills – together with the reinforcement of those already learned – helps students gain confidence in their ability to do mathematics.