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Draft Survey For Tankers

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Aboard tankers , it is a frequent practice of Ships Officers to take draft surveys many times a day. Since you are loading at a fast rate which sometimes exceeds 250Tons/Hrs , Draft changes considerably at every end of watch, And it is not possible to record all the six draft marks at all times. Sometimes we have to be contented with just the drafts on the port side or the Starboard side.

This App is optimized for iPad but will run equally well on iPhones too.
Please visit http:// which explains how you can import your Hydrostatic Data .
If you have any difficulty please send your problem to

Avocet has designed this App with the above in mind. If you take the draft on one side then you can fairly estimate the draft on the other by matching the List angle with the Inclinometer.

The optimum condition would be to take all the six draft , get the dock density , determining the deductibles and then using hydrostatic table to get the weight of the cargo loaded.

Avocet Draft Calculation is a Mobile onboard load and stability indicating App which has
User Friendly Graphic .
Various Report presentation Draft , Cargo and Calculation Results
Visual List and Trim indication as you type in the Draft..
Inbuilt Help.
Create and store conditions
Tank filling using global tools.
Easy exchange of Data .
Mailing of Data report.
Draft Trim CARGO etc computation on the fly in real time.
Displacement and weight Calculations
and many more

A video of operation is provided at
This app does not requires use of internet.

To load your own data table you use Itunes Share to copy the table text file to your device.
However if you need to download from the web then Internet will be required.pre-configured ship.

If you are unable to create the hydrostatic table then you can send the Hydrostatc Data and Tank Plan(Optional) and we shall create the file for you.
Draft Survey is a way to determine the weight of cargo being loaded on a vessel. Ship Surveyor App calculates the draft survey and produces a draft survey report.

Ships Hydrostatic Curves data can now be entered through the website
Or you can email your Excel Data which will be corrected and sent to you as file or as web download.
Non Excel or Textual data such as picture of documents can be sent as attachment to .
This service is provided FREE.

This Draft Survey procedure and calculation ascertained is based on the following.:
Reading the draft mark of the ship, which consists of six (6) points of draft marks, i.e.; Ford, Midship, and Aft at both sides of the ship,sampling of the sea water or dock water density at the place where the vessel floats,determining of deductible weights by measuring and sounding of ballast tanks, fuel oil, fresh water that exists onboard at the time of survey,and finally using Hydrostatic Table provided on board to calculate..

Hydrostatic and Tank Data can be prepared using a Textfile Editor such as Notepad, or Excel in CSV format and imported directly using iTunes . This is detailed in detailed in the user manual available at

If your Mobile System supports Printing using Air compatible printer then you can pirnt directly from iPad/iPhone. However using the Internet/Wifi you can email the report to yourself and then Print it using the Email Browser Program such as Safari, Gmail.MSN , Yahoo etc.

iPad has built in Printing feature for Air Compatible Printer. Please check the manual for more detail as to how to print using iPad Printing feature.

To begin with you need to load the Hydrostatic Table for your ship.
And must configure the various length data required for calculation.

And we are always there to provide you the best support if you need any.