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Selene - Cycle tracking for Pregnancy

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It is just application to record basal body temperature.

■ Confirm a predictive day with an endless calendar quickly.
An ovulation day is predicted with a future menstruation day from a menstrual cycle with a last menstruation day, and it is displayed by a calendar. I only slide by practiced operation lengthwise and can watch a prediction day of the moon which I want to confirm.

■ Easily input temperature
A temperature input screen is displayed when I tap one time of date. It is not necessary to hit the decimal point. You should input four columns and only can easily input even lying down and getting up.

■ Each button is displayed when I push and hold it for a few seconds
You record sexual intercourse, pill remedy by a push and hold on a menstruation day] on a date. If a button is displayed, I slide a finger and register and am completed. It is simple and is displayed on a calendar at a point when I register.

■ The grasp of the high temperature period
The high temperature period becomes very important to the pregnancy [I know the high temperature period at a glance with a calendar]. Pink ran in the background of the date for the high temperature period and did length of the high temperature period clearly.

※As for the basal body temperature, data cooperate with health care application (HealthKit). Therefore the data are left even if application disappears by any chance.

※This application is for the pregnancy to the last and is an aim to the last on a due date. Prevent determining it in an antifertility purpose and from using it.