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Trip Weather Japan

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I think that I want to enjoy the journey to more people, it has been changed to free.

This app is a service that can be confirmed more than 200 cities, a popular travel destination in Japan, the weather information of year.

When planning a trip, when you go out on a journey, or there is no local weather that it was worrisome if going on in time to visit it? This is a service that I want to use all means to such travelers.

Also, It is possible to compare the weather information between two cities, is utilized to determine or compare the weather location and tourist destination his live in a traveling as compared to when there is a candidate destination several journeys thing I can also.

main function
1)Major tourist destinations in Japan you can see the weather information of (around).
2)Weather information available is "average temperature", "maximum temperature", "lo" "precipitation", "sunshine duration", "snowfall".
3)Each weather information can be confirmed in the graph.
4)Weather information can be checked by specifying the "month", "season (early / mid / late)".
5)You can compare the weather information between the two cities.

By utilizing the Tabiten, check the timing of weather to go on the trip, let's continue to firmly ready!

1)data to be displayed, are calculated based on the weather information within the last 5 years.
2)data to be displayed is based on the information that the Japan Meteorological Agency has been published.
3)For weather information in this application, because it does not have is any guarantee, please use at your own risk of the user. By any chance, us also if there is a problem does not assume the responsibility.
4)For weather information of the point that you can browse, has been based on the information of the nearest observatory, but do not necessarily guarantee the designated area. On your note that there is a shift in the observation location and tourist destination, please use.
5)Some might not be local data . If this is the case it will be displayed in N/A.

Source: Japan Meteorological Agency website
created by processing the past weather data of the Japan Meteorological Agency to the original