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We Get Fit

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We Get Fit is the first social fitness tracking and competition app made exclusively for Apple Watch users. Worldwide and Friend Challenges Separate Friend and World Challenge lists make it easy to see how you stack up against your friends and other We Get Fit users. Exercise, Not Steps Most fitness apps judge you solely on step count. We Get Fit incorporates not just steps but exercise minutes and calorie burn into the the app’s fitness tracking and competitions. That means you’re rewarded for your overall effort, not just walking around. Weight lifters and yoga practitioners, rejoice! Sorry, Cheaters Eliminating cheating is our top priority. Common methods that cheaters employ to inflate their fitness stats will not work in We Get Fit. Intelligent Workout Logging Use Apple Watch’s native Workout app to track workout sessions. We Get Fit intelligently analyzes the recorded workouts to reward users for only the moments of legitimate exercise and cool down sessions. Privacy Your health data is NOT sold to advertisers and only used within We Get Fit to make Challenges possible. HealthKit Data is Used For the Following Active Energy & Workouts - used to determine your minutes of exercise and calories burned Date of Birth, Height, Sex, and Weight - used to determine fairness when comparing your total calories burned with other users Heart Rate - used to determine the legitimacy of exercise and calories burned Steps, Walking + Running Distance - used to determine the number of steps you've taken and the distances you've traversed