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Walking along Tokaido Highway

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This app measures your walking and running distance using Health app, and apply your walking distance to Tokaido Highway(Edo-Kyoto highway in Edo-period Japan). Edo means Tokyo 400 years ago.

【System Requirement】
1)Health is installed.(ios8 or later)
2)Your iPhone is 5s or later. IF your iPhone is older than 5s, you need a pedometer which can collaborate with Health, like Apple watch Jawbone, and so on.

This app measure your your walking and running distance from the day when you begin this app. You can walk Tokaido Highway in the map of this app.
Even if you are just walking around your home, you can challenge yourself to complete Tokaido Highway!

There are 115 milestones in this way. When you walk a lot, you can get a pin of a milestone in this map.

Get a pin of a milestone everyday and maintain your health.

If you get a blue big pin, you can see a Ukiyoe picture of this pin’s place.

The last milestone is SanjyoBridge in Kyoto. Let’s go for it!

It is said that It took 14 days for people in Edo-period to walk form Tokyo to Kyoto. Can you do that?

++policy++ This app can only read your walking distance and the number of steps in Health app. This app never write, collect or send your data.