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Born from a personal need, Thesi has been re-wrote to be used for the hundreds of thousands of users that wish to record their trips.

Car, motorbike, boat, plane, on foot, bicycle, one single tap will give you the power to store your journey.

Key features:

- We've been testing in real life situations to come out with an innovative, most minimalist and intuitive design, very simple yet highly effective user experience, to provide you with only the essential information right in front of you, meanwhile you are busy driving (safety first!).

- Dual themes to choose from, for usage in daylight or nighttime.

- Compatible with external BTLE GPS accessories and NMEA sentences.

- Support for any type of heart rate monitor.

- Highly code optimization to store all the information locally as fast as possible and keep a very low memory footprint, so you can record hours of trip.

Export formats:


Few extra notes:

- During a session recording, the app disables the idle/sleep mode of the device, this in order to prevent the app to go in background mode and have iOS to put it in a 'freeze' state where all the data are not recorded.
We highly suggest to not manually close the device or switch to use another app. iOS limitations dictate that if an application is in background for more than 10 minutes, must be 'frozen'. Unfortunately, at the moment, we do not use any type of multitasking features.

- The GPS precision derives from the device technology or, in case of external accessory, the numbers of satellites connected; therefore we are not responsible at all, in any form, for mistakes in the direction taken, speed and coordinates (altitude, latitude and longitude) displayed and/or recorded.

- Due to the nature of the app, which has been set for the internal GPS as 'Best for Navigation', and the support for external BTLE accessories, we warmly recommend to connect the iPhone/iPad directly to a charger (lighter charger) or use an external battery bank (one or more, depending of your trip length).

- GPS speed is recorded in M/S (meters per second) and altitude in MT (meters), independently what metric system you choose from the settings. Future releases will have the export to conform to your choices.

- New versions will come out quite soon, therefore, we suggest to not delete any important journey that you might have the chance to export with different options.

- Deleting a journey, will not remove any related export file.

Safety first:

- Be responsible when you use this app meanwhile driving/riding/sailing/flying/running/walking/cycling or any other activities.
We are not whatsoever responsible for the lack of your safety rules and the consequences of it! Be always responsible!


- If you think that your external GPS accessory is not recognized, or you find some problems, bugs, or even simple suggestions, please feel free to drop us an email at